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- Danceshoes -


Dancelife Felicity

€ 102,85 

This ballroom ladies shoes is our all-time favorite. Subtle and elegant design, premium materials and a comfort inlay sole.

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Dancelife Dominator Royale

€ 127,05 

The Dominator Royale features high quality, flexible patent leather and a Soft Heel, allowing you to optimize your dance experience. 

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Dancelife Amaranth

€ 101,64 

Latin sandal Amaranth comes in many options. High and low heels, different colors. All of the styles have net between the straps

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- What's new with Dancelife - 

Swarovski Elements!

A great way to stand out from the crowd is to personalize your shoes with Swarovski Elements. Get creative and be your own kind of unique!

You can do it, or let us do it for you! We have a lifetime of experience in personalizing shoes and clothing.  Contact us for more info

New Style: Chique

Check out our newest style Chique! This classy open toe shoe features off-white insides combined with high quality black nubuck material on the outside.

The Chique comes in 2 new heel types for open shoes: 5.5cm (2") Wide heel, and 6.5 cm (2.2") Flare heel. 

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All our products for dancers are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This improves your user experience and enables you to reach your own full dancing potential. While dancing, your equipment should contribute to your results. 

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We are here for your service. Questions, inquiries, advise, complaints, recommendations; all are welcome. All will be handled by our dedicated team, ensuring personal follow up to you. All of our staff has a dancing background and will be able to help you with any question. 

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Everybody is different. We strive to be able to fit all our products to your specific needs of each dancer. Whether you need alternative sizing of danceshoes, dedicated dance wear - all is possible. Contact us for possibilities.