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New Arrival

Plastic Shoebrush

Every dancer is familiar with the importance of using a shoe brush for your dance shoes. For a long period Dancelife has had one option when it came to shoe brushes: the wooden shoebrush

Next to the wooden variant Dancelife now also features a plastic shoebrush. This shoebrush has a different feel and grip, and an easy to close protection cap. The shoebrush features the Dancelife lips logo in stunning red. 

Find our shoebrushes here!




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All our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This improves your user experience and enables you to reach your own full potential.

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We are here for your service. Questions, inquiries, advise, complaints, recommendations; all are welcome. All will be handled by our dedicated team, ensuring personal follow up to you.

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Everybody is different. We strive to be able to fit all our products to your specific needs. Whether you need alternative sizing, wide feet styles, dedicated dance wear - all is possible. Contact us for possibilities.


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